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Here at 3R Telecom we feel that the constant feedback from our passionate customers is greatly appreciated and is taken on board, but if you have any queries these FAQs are designed to provide a better understanding of the services and products that we provide.

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How much will hardware, software, and cloud support cost me?
Maintenance charges will cost £6.25 + VAT per week. This covers: your entire hardware with next working day swap out; 24 hour online software support; and cloud backup for disaster recovery.
What is Cloud Support?
Cloud Support covers your complete system. All your hardware failures; it covers you for support calls and additional training. This will include your Cloud backups of data each night in case of disaster recovery.
When does the cloud support costs start?
Starts on the day of installation; and taken a month in advance.
What happens if I do not pay cloud support?
The system is not provided without cloud support, this is next generation technology and is required. An alternative is to use 3R's mobile top up services and Debit/Credit card facility, to reduce your fees to a minimum of £5.00 + VAT per week.
How do I pay?
Payments will be taken weekly by Direct Debit.
What happens if my payment fails?
Please contact our accounts department as soon as possible and act accordingly to the instructions given.
Can my system work without internet?
Yes. However we do not install system without internet as it is required for your cloud support.
Does it come with a Warranty?
Yes, your cloud support covers all hardware and software supplied by us.
Will an engineer install the system for me?
Yes, we will send our qualified technician to install and provide training.
Will I need new telephone line?
No, the terminals come ready for broadband connectivity, making the transactions faster and safer. The terminal can still work on your existing telephone line if you do not have broadband.
Will I get the terminal replaced if it is faulty?
Yes, the terminal will be replaced on the next working day.
Will I get the training?
Yes, we give training on how to process transactions, and how to print reports.
What about the security of the terminal?
The terminal has security options on it and the terminal works only within the times which have been set up as trading hours for your business. You can also set a password to operate the terminal.
Is there any helpline for technical faults?
Yes, you can always call the customer helpline number for any kind of technical queries; the customer support team will help you to resolve any technical issues.
Is the terminal PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliant?
All our terminals are PCI complaint, but you are required to complete an online questionnaire to ensure you are following the correct procedures required by the issuing banks.