Services and support for EPoS Hardware Installation

3R Telecom understands that no two businesses are the same and many have different needs; we believe the key to our success is the result of providing a service that is uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

Image depicting Hardware and Software Maintenance Services provided by 3R Telecom

Hardware and Software Maintenance

Hardware and Software Maintenance

Here at 3R Telecom we facilitate hardware and software maintenance support for EPOS equipment.

In the event of an item developing a fault, please notify our customer service helpline (01992 574650), where we can then assess the fault over the phone. If the fault cannot be resolved over the phone we also offer a next day swap out service to ensure that you have working equipment as soon as possible.

In addition, we also provide you with regular updates to ensure that your software is up-to-date and maintained. We securely back-up data you have input into the system, ensuring safety of data. If your data has been corrupted for whatever reason, we can provide you with a previous back-up to restore the software allowing you to continue business with minimal losses.
Image showing a client contacting 3R Telecom for Professional Buying Advice Services

Professional Buying Advice

Professional Buying Advice

3R Telecom, has been supplying and installing EPOS tills for many years and is the fastest growing provider in the UK. We are here to provide you with the right system to match your industry and customer needs.

There are many important factors to consider when deciding on the right EPOS system. Our dedicated support team will guide you through the process to meet or exceed your expectations.

To meet these considerations, we have carefully selected hardware and software from a range of leading industry suppliers including top brands such as Touch, Senor and Honeywell.

Our aim is to provide all of these features while keeping within your defined budget. This also includes peripheral devices such as printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners and much more.

We currently provide three bundled systems which include everything needed for a small, medium and large business in a variety of industries. If however you want something tailored to suit your specific needs, we can also build a custom solution.

If you would like to receive further information, please contact our customer service helpline (01992 574650).
Image highlighting the Technical Support Services available from 3R Telecom

Technical Support

Technical Support

3R Telecom has a dedicated technical support team to help you realise the full potential of your till, minimise costly downtime and support users. Our technical staff are very knowledgeable in all things EPOS and pride themselves on delivering a friendly and professional experience. The team is based in the UK.

The technical team is responsible for till configuration, customisation and user EPoS training. Configuration can take place before the till is delivered, based on a completed survey of options and products required. It is also available remotely via LogMeIn, which gives us full access to your till upon request (and authorisation). Customisation refers to UI changes, bespoke reports etc. and can also be performed on or off-site depending on how much information is provided beforehand. User training, walk-throughs and workshops can be provided at your convenience and is included as part of your support agreement.

Critical support issues whereby the system is offline will be handled by our technical support team; if the issue cannot be resolved we will swap out your system on the next working day. This is part of the support agreement and is there to offer peace-of-mind when using your till to minimise revenue loss.
Image of 3 connected mechanical cogs, used to demonstrate the EPOS Configuration Services provided from 3R Telecom

EPOS Configuration

EPOS Configuration

Successful configuration of your EPOS system for your industry and business needs is our primary goal. This can either be by educating the business owner, or relevant members of staff, or by using 3R Telecom’s configuration team to make the process as straight forward as possible. This could also be achieved by collaboration between us depending on user experience, resource constraints or budget.

Our EPOS software is pre-configured with over 30,000 products and is ready to go for most convenience shops. Additional configuration may be required due to discounts, bulk buys, special offers, barcodes etc. With this in mind, your EPOS till should arrive ready to start trading immediately.

If you have existing customers we can load their details into the EPOS system with the sales history accumulated over the years.

During the EPoS installation, we offer basic free training on how to use your EPoS till which includes catalogue maintenance. If however you would like 3R Telecom to take care of your products for you; this service is charged at our normal consulting rate. The cost of which will be depending on the number and complexity of products required.
Image of a box in three dimensions, highlighting 3R Telecom's EPOS Installation Services

EPOS Installation

EPOS Installation

3R Telecom offers free professional installation by our experienced installation team (within the UK mainland). You also have the option of a self-service installation as our complete systems can be shipped via courier.

For smaller installations where minimal configuration is needed, the EPOS system can be delivered by courier to anywhere in the UK*. Since the till will be configured and ready to go, it simply needs plugging in and switching on.

Our tills come installed with LogMeIn which is a remote desktop software which allows us to provide support and training from our offices. For tills delivered by courier, we offer training via LogMeIn as part of your support agreement to get you familiar with your new system. This is ideal as you can choose when to be trained at your convenience.

We would recommend installation of multiple tills to be done by our professional installation team. This ensures all devices are linked correctly in the most appropriate manner. Support issues raised which are due to poor installation can and may be charged at our standard consulting rate; over and above you’re the support contract.

If you have any queries about the EPoS installation and whether an on-site or self-service installation would suit you, then please contact us.
Image of 2 mechanical cogs connected together with arrows pointing towards one another, depicting the ETOP-UP and ICC Integration Services available from 3R Telecom

Etop-Up and ICC Integration

eTOP-UP and ICC Integration

3R Telecom also allows for eTOP-UP and ICC integration so that you can easily and efficiently locate products. We provide you some of the best margins in the market. We supply all the main MNOs and MVNOs at your fingertips.

Earn commission up to 6% on major networks; helps earn you that little bit extra. Processing top-ups through e-vouchers or swipe cards, 3R Telecom provide a solution which is fast and reliable for you and your customers.

3R Telecom offers additional merchant service integration so you can securely accept credit and debit card payments for goods and services whether it is: in person, on the move or over the phone.

Our wide range of merchant services allows you to enhance sales and improve the versatility of your business by proposing a variety of payment solution.

With typical rates starting from 1.12% for Credit cards, and 13.5pence for Debit cards, the added bonus of NO joining fees, makes us one of the most competitive payment solutions providers in the industry.