Merchant Service Solutions

3R Payment Solutions provides you with a leading credit and debit card processing service for any retail sector. We deliver to our customers: the latest terminal hardware; the most competitive rates in the market and around the clock customer service from our dedicated team.

Our Merchant Service Solutions

  • Take advantage of competitive rates
  • Secure payments giving you a peace of mind
  • Utilise around the clock UK based support
  • Have quick access to payment terminals and online payment services
  • Benefit from colour screens and seamless contactless payments for even quicker transaction times
  • Make use of integrated mobile top up and international calling cards
  • Appreciate the lightweight, rugged, versatile design
  • Gain access to GPRS terminals allowing portable, on-the-go transactions
Image showing Merchant Service Solutions available from 3R Telecom

Your Edge in Payment Management

Our merchant service terminals are easy to install and also easy to use. We offer both countertop plug in terminals or portable terminals. You choose which one is more suited to your business style. Installation and training are provided free of charge to help you get the most out the terminal. With our portable terminals you can serve all day on a single charge meaning sales can keep rolling in. Our terminals also provide your customers with the option of contactless payment from all major credit & debit cards. If your terminal breaks down we will send out a new terminal the next working day so you won’t lose out on any transactions. We provide secure, fast, reliable payments meaning you can take payments stress free.

It is a requirement that you are PCI Complaint, the complaint fee is £4.99+ VAT per month. If you are not compliant you may be liable for additional penalties from the Acquirer (The Bank). Please check your monthly merchant service statement. Should you feel that you are not compliant please call 3R and we will be happy to guide you. If you are not enrolled to be compliant, the Bank will automatically opt you in a ‘Pro Activity Service ‘which will cost you £15.00+ VAT per month. This is an optional service which you can opt out of at any time. Having this service in place means that they will take care of the full PCI Compliant procedure on your behalf. 3R can provide PCI for you for £4.99+ VAT per month. Please be vigilant of door-step fraudsters’ who may come into your store and ask for a Supervisor pin or Supervisor card. We strongly suggest you do not provide this to them as it will allow them to process a refund plus override transactions. There are also fraudsters processing ‘Keyed & Signed’ transactions – do not allow this to happen as you may be liable for the chargeback of this if it is not a genuine transaction. The Bank nor 3R would never come into your business unannounced and ask for such things. If anyone does, then please refuse and if you are concerned please call either the Bank or call 3R on 01992 574650. We would also like you to be vigilant of door-step sellers. You may be offered a minimum of a 4-5 year contract with no cooling off period where prices may vary and increase drastically. They may also pressure you to sign the contract there and then to secure the ‘special price’. Do not hesitate to contact 3R if you are having any doubts.

Merchant Service & Top-Up Rates

Debit Card Rate
Credit Card Rate
Top-Up Rates

*T&Cs Apply. Rates are subject to change, with prior notice. Acceptance to the service requires successful completion of a credit check.

Key Features & Benefits

Image detailing Merchant Service Solutions Swipe Card features from 3R Telecom
Easy to use magnetic stripe card reader for mobile top ups and loyalty schemes
Image detailing Merchant Service Solutions Contactless Payment features from 3R Telecom
Contactless payment offers a seamless payment solution, useful for any industry
Image detailing Merchant Service Solutions Colour Screens features from 3R Telecom
Colour screens which offer clear and distinct functions
Image detaling Merchant Service Solutions Robust Hardware from 3R Telecom
Robust hardware means that risk of failure is minimised; increasing business
Image detailing Merchant Service Solutions Top-Up and International Calling Card available from 3R Telecom
Mobile Top-Up and International Calling Cards have been integrated at your fingertips
Image detailing Merchant Service Solutions Secure Software features from 3R Telecom
Secure software allows you to safely log into terminals without risk of theft