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Are Traditional Cash Registers Over?

The traditional cash register was once a vital part of any retail or hospitality business, but more and more these days they are few and far between, as EPOS till systems are taking over. Many major retailers in the UK have almost left cash tills behind, with EPOS solutions becoming more prevalent.

You may wonder what is so bad about cash systems; they have several flaws that should make you consider updating to an EPOS system as soon as possible. Cash tills keep staff to a fixed location, rather than letting them roam the shop floor helping customers; they take up more space that could be used for displaying products, and they are more expensive than mobile solutions.

It has been over 10 years since some business offered mobile checkout solutions in stores, and customers have embraced the convenience and speedy checkout solution to purchasing their groceries. What’s more, EPOS solutions are growing and expanding to reach small, start-up businesses with the help of merchant services providing all-in-one or cloud EPOS systems.

Of course, people will still use cash; it is widely accepted, untraceable and reliable. It is the solutions for everyone if the electronic till system cannot connect or when cards get rejected for some reason. It may still be a while before the issues of EPOS are all ironed out, but it is easy to see that is where payments are heading.

One of biggest issues facing everyone getting on board with EPOS is the concerns about privacy and security. There is a higher chance of fraud with card payments than with cash, but there are many measures in place that protects both consumers and businesses. The EPOS solutions we provide include secure payments to give you peace of mind.

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