Security for an EPOS system

Top Tips for EPOS Security

Security for EPOS terminals is always essential, and there are lots of reasons why you should keep the security and safety of your EPOS solution up to date. While you may think a small company should be safe from a hacker, there is sensitive data you don’t want getting out, and safeguarding your EPOS from any type of breach can give you peace of mind and a stronger foundation from which to grow your business.

Maintain Up-to-Date POS Software

Though EPOS updates are time-consuming, they provide crucial security that can keep malware away from the software. Rather than updating technology when it tells you to, keep it update as frequently as possible, as this means the EPOS software has the latest defences it needs.

Difficult Passwords

Having complicated passwords is often overlooked, but should always be practised. When passwords are simple and easy to guess, they can easily be bypassed. Setting up a complicated password, and changing it regularly every few months means you will have stronger security by just taking a fundamental step.

Install a Firewall

Just like you need to have up-to-date EPOS software, you should also install a firewall and antivirus software that can boost your network’s security. It adds an extra layer of protection to your system and can help prevent any viruses getting into the data. There are several antivirus options out there such as McAfee and Norton.

Restrict Remote Access

Having mobile EPOS systems is a huge benefit for many businesses, but restricting the remote access to the system means potential hackers have a harder time accessing the devices and information that they might hold. Try also to limit access to the software.

Limit Internet Access

Keeping EPOS computers off of the internet can have a significant effect on reducing the risk of viruses and malware. Only connecting the system when you need to for POS activities and avoiding general internet use gives you fewer chances of the system getting malware.

Secure Payment Methods

While all EPOS systems should come with safe payment methods included, it is a good idea to have a way to ensure the payments are always secure. Chip and pin and contactless payments are methods that are a lot securer with new updates while using encryption software can add extra security.

Regular Scans

Regularly scanning the EPOS system is an efficient way to determine if it has issues. You can scan the systems using an external service, or use software yourself to scan all the access points your EPOS system has to see if they are vulnerable.

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