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The Top POS Trends to Watch Out For

The coming years look like they will be big on forward-thinking and innovative technology for restaurants, making it the ideal time to start looking at how to update and advance your own electric point of sale solutions. You may not be aware of how error-prone your current system is, and these coming trends will help you get an up-to-date system that will be a huge benefit to your business.

Streamlined Payment with Facial Recognition

Your POS system may already accept cards and even allow for a customer loyalty scheme, but there is always more to improve upon. One way is not just to accept smartphone payments, but to use facial recognition as a payment system. Though this is still not available on the market, developers at Alipay are ready to unleash a facial recognition payment system, allowing customers to leave cash and cards and home. The facial recognition, a technology already used on Apple phones, is intended for fast food and quick service restaurants and designed to streamline ordering and payment. This, in turn, will reduce wait time and improve customer service. And though facial recognition payment might not be widespread now, we won’t be surprised if it becomes the norm within the next five years!

Enhance the Customer Experience with Self-Service Checkout

All businesses are forever trying to improve the customer experience they provide, and it is most apparent in restaurants. The process of sitting down, reading a menu and ordering food is something customers have done hundreds of times. Waiting for your order to be taken or the food to arrive is often what customers feel let down on regarding their experience. This could be solved soon with self-service checkout. We have all seen self-service checkouts at the supermarket, but using mobile technology to reduce waiting time and increasing the speed at which food is delivered to customers can be beneficial to your restaurants. Self-service can also include order customisation, meaning the customer is guaranteed to get their order correct and allows staff to spend more time preparing the food.

Efficient Customer Analysis

New technology and improved EPOS solutions can also provide your business with more efficient customer analysis. An EPOS system can chart the inner workings of your restaurant, and the better you can respond to trends and wishes of your customers, the better you can maximise the efficiency of your staff, keep costs down and predict any upcoming needs. Today’s systems give the user control over what information can be gathered and how it is used. You can customise your analysis to your restaurant which allows you to solve any problems much quicker.

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