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Taking Care of Your EPOS Hardware

Dust and dirt will build up on your EPOS hardware, no matter what you do, and with it being a large investment for your small business, taking care of it is of utmost importance. Here are our tips for the maintenance of the hardware.

EPOS hardware such as touch screens and card machines live in tough environments, continually being touched and handled by numerous people throughout the day. The constant handling will lead to a breakdown of the various components that comprise the EPOS system, and regular maintenance will increase the lifespan of the hardware.

Read the information provided with the EPOS hardware equipment. There may be instructions on what cleaning products to use, and if you ever feel unsure about the performance of your EPOS system and can’t fix it yourself, ask a professional, trained technician to examine the hardware. When you start cleaning, turn off the touch screen element of your EPOS system, if it has one, before you do any cleaning, or turn the screen off entirely. This will mean you won’t miss any spots!

Choose the right cloth for the cleaning – soft, lint-free or a microfibre cloth are the best solutions. Using even a paper towel or regular cloth can leave marks or scratches on the screen.

Usually, a dry cloth will do the trick when you regularly clean the hardware, but should you need some moisture to get rid of dust and smudges, make sure you use the right cleaner. A gentle surface cleaner detergent or white vinegar works well. Make sure the cloth you are using is damp and not wet when using it. Remember to dry the touch screen on your EPOS equipment if you have used a damp cloth to clean it, using a lint-free cloth.

Handling the equipment in the right way will also extend the lifespan of it,  so training staff on handling will be as important as training them on the software the EPOS system uses. Using fingers on the touchscreen rather than pens and avoiding spills and drops with mobile EPOS will help keep your hardware running for longer.

One of the best solutions in troubleshooting a malfunctioning EPOS system is a reboot – turning it off and on again. Many owners will have their EPOS system going all day, every day. Learning how to restart the system without causing problems is important, and should be done every so often to rid the software of glitches; you won’t need to do it every night.

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