EPOS solution provided by 3R Telecom

What are the Services 3R Telecom Can Provide?

At 3R Telecom we are constantly striving to help people grow through the various services we provide, offering EPOS solutions that can integrate merchant services and mobile top-ups in addition to much more. If you are looking for EPOS suppliers, who can provide a quality and efficient service, look no further than 3R Telecom.

Hardware and Software Maintenance

At 3R Telecom, we facilitate hardware and software maintenance for the EPOS equipment you have. If you have an piece of EPOS hardware with a fault, contact our helpline on 01992 574650 where we can provide assistance over the phone. If phone help cannot resolve the issue you face, we can offer a next day swap out service, ensuring your equipment is working properly as soon as possible.

For your software, we provide you with regular updates, backing up data securely and ensuring any data you put in. If your data has been corrupted, we will have a previous back-up to restore the software so you can resume business with minimum losses.

Professional Buying Advice

3R Telecom has been supplying and installing EPOS systems for many years, and our support team can offer new businesses advice on what to consider when deciding on the right system. We carefully select hardware and software from a range of leading suppliers, so you are provided with the right features to fit your business, including devices such as printers and barcode scanners. Choose from the three bundled systems we offer for small, medium or large businesses that are suited to various industries.

Technical Support

At 3R Telecom, we have a dedicated support team to help you get the most out of your EPOS till system, sharing our knowledge and experience in a professional and friendly manner. We can assist with customising your system that can help improve your use of the till and provide training and workshops to yourself and any staff who have use of the system. Any issues with the EPOS system can also be handled by the technical support we offer, over the phone, via a remote system or in person.

EPOS Configuration

Your business will require successful configuration of your EPOS system, and this is one of the primary goals of the service we provide. This is carried out either by educating the business owner and relevant staff members or using 3R Telecom’s specialised configuration team to make sure the process is straightforward. The EPOS software we provide is pre-configured with 30,000 products and ready to go from installation, so you can start trading with it immediately. In the EPOS installation, we offer free training on the basics of your EPOS till system.

EPOS Installation

3R Telecon offers free professional installation by our experienced team, within UK mainland, though there is an option of self-service installation. For smaller installations with minimal configuration, the system can be installed as self-service; it can be simply plugged in and turned on! The tills also have remote desktop software, so we can provide support from our office so training can be done at your convenience when the installation is self-service. If multiple tills are to be installed, we recommend using our professional team, so devices are linked and working correctly.

If you want any more information about the services 3R Telecom can offer you, please get in touch with us today.

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