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Make Mobile Payments More Enticing to Customers

In the age of smartphones, you would think customers would be flocking to embrace mobile payments. However, despite the apparent advantages of mobile payments, many customers resist the appeal. But there are some things you can do to get your EPOS system humming with activity, so look into point of sale systems that cater to all types of payments.

Why are Mobile Payments Important?

Increasing customers’ mobile payments is good for your business, and doing so can lead to a boost in your revenue. People carry their smartphone with them all the time, though they do not always have cash or a credit card on their person. As a result, impulse buys are more likely to happen with mobile payments. Moreover, checkout times are faster, quicker than it takes for a customer to get their card out of their purse or wallet. Furthermore, when customers pay with their phone, the EPOS solution you have can capture their data, and provide you with a huge amount of data which you can use for marketing purposes.

Ways to Make Mobile Payments Enticing:

Make it Clear

Customers might not be carrying out mobile payments because they may not realise you accept such transaction. Place clear signs indicating you accept Apple Pay, Android Pay and other mobile payment options near tills and around the shop, so customers are immediately aware they can use their smartphone to make a quick purchase.

Educate Wary Customers

Once people know they can make mobile payments in your business, some may need reassurance that these transactions are easy and secure. Take some time to develop a short, clear explanation about why mobile payments are safe. Let them know how their data is encrypted, and the transaction cannot take place without their clearance.

Entice Customers with Rewards

Get your existing rewards program to link to your mobile pay platforms, and customers will have yet another reason to jump onto the mobile payment bandwagon. Using their smartphone for paying means they no longer need to keep track of physical reward cards and can monitor any points via email or an app.

Upgrade Your System

Smartphones are here to stay, so why not capitalise on them? Take the time to upgrade your point of sale systems to accept mobile payments, and then take time to train staff on the advantages of this platform, and how to quickly and effectively use the equipment. Once you and your customers realise the advantages of mobile payments, you may never want to conduct a transaction by cash or card again!

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