Easy ways to increase foot traffic to your small business

Generating Foot Traffic for a Small Business

It has never been trickier to run a brick and mortar business, with online shopping taking over in many places, which has made it harder for small businesses to generate foot traffic. While shopping trends have changed in the digital age, it is still important to get people through your door, and for many, it is vital to their business’ success. If you need some inspiration for helping increase your foot traffic, read on to see our tips:

Have an Up-to-date EPOS Solution

Sale transaction are not just cash anymore, and your point of sale needs to accommodate a variety of payment methods, from cash, card, contactless and even paying on smartphones. Updating your EPOS solutions or upgrading the system you use can be hugely beneficial to your business and in a fast-paced society who want a quick way to pay, a better EPOS system will draw more traffic and build a base of loyal customers. Contact us today to find out more about the EPOS solutions available to you.

Host Events

Independently run pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants often face tough competition from chains, but a way to see more people through your door is hosting specialist events. This could be themed nights, workshops or masterclasses on cooking or cocktails or even a quiz night are simple and effective ways of getting people interested in your business.

Look Good

A business with an appealing aesthetic will draw foot traffic in. The way your brick and mortar business looks has a huge impact in how customers react to it, so ensuring you have a good look, from staff to what’s on the walls, is very important.

Smart Marketing

Bigger companies have a decent budget to spend on marketing which will draw more people in. However, there are ways smaller businesses can carry out smart marketing that customers won’t even notice. Make their time in your business an experience, offer freebies, discounts, or loyalty schemes, which can be as simple as getting stamps for a free drink or meal, and add a personal touch as much as you can. Good sign placement is key for smaller businesses too, and make your signs eye-catching with artwork and fun taglines.

Use Social Media

If you don’t want to deal with complicated websites, social media is a great way to get your name out there, even if it is just among your local community. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are great platforms to start with, especially if you have a hospitality business. You can also carry out competitions on social media and engage with customers on a different platform, which can lead to returning and new customers.

Have a Quirk

Customers are becoming more and more open to edgy and quirky businesses, and it is something you can use to grow your business, market upon and increase foot traffic. It could be the simplest thing, from a birthday celebration to use upcycled furniture. Finding a niche in the market is an excellent way to get people interested in your business and returning for more.

Support Other Small Local Businesses

Supporting other small businesses in your area gives you good business relationships and good standing your community. Use food sourced locally in your café, letting people know which farm, grocer or butcher the ingredients came from. Have a notice board of local events that might interest your customers, such as gigs. You could also offer sponsorship to the local 5k and offer your businesses space as a place for a pop-up workshop and gallery for local artists.

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