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Finding the Best EPOS System for Your Retail or Hospitality Business

Finding the right EPOS system for your business can be overwhelming when you don’t know what will work best for your needs. Deciding on the best solution takes research, and we can help you determine the right one, by summarising the various systems suitable for different industries and businesses. If you want more help with your decision, don’t hesitate to contact us at 3R Telecom.

Traditional or Cloud-Based EPOS System

Traditional EPOS systems locally store your data on internal servers, which eliminate the dependency on a flaky internet connection. Its maintenance is carried out on the premises and continuous support is available or can be provided by the supplier, and access is only available on the premises too.

A cloud-based EPOS system relies heavily on the internet, requiring you to have a strong and stable connection. A cloud-based system hosts data on online databases, which allows you to access the system from anywhere, a great characteristic if you are a manager who travels.

Different EPOS Solutions for Different Businesses

Searching for the right software and system is overwhelming, as there are so many software, hardware and extra accessories to choose from. You may also have to consider mobile point of sale technology, or MPOS systems, that make your decision even more complex.

This means you should do research into what your business’s EPOS requirements are; retail and hospitality have different needs, and the way your business runs could depend on you having the right EPOS solution.

EPOS Systems for Hospitality

Hospitality businesses meet many challenges; high turnover, customer service and stock management are just a few. An advanced EPOS system is designed to meet the challenges with time-efficient and powerful tools for you and your staff. The hospitality businesses that need advanced EPOS systems include restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs.

Restaurant EPOS systems need to be innovative and easy to use. Point One, offers a great management tool and has customisable options. The system can manage an unlimited number of customers and their data. It also has email and SMS marketing features, which allows you to use different marketing channels and social media.

Lightspeed is a new cloud-based POS system which is very user-friendly and easy to customise. You can create schedules, track labour, build menus and monitor sales from anywhere. It also allows you to add photos, descriptions and details like toppings.

Lolly PoS is suitable for all types of bars and restaurants, and a leading EPOS solution in the UK. With an easy to use interface and great customer support, you can integrate customer management, inventory management and social media management.

EPOS Systems for Retail

For retailers, the main reason for having an advanced EPOS system is to make sales easier and efficient. Having a system that will help you manage customers, shops, inventories, loyalty schemes, staff and marketing allows you to have a productive business model.

Vend is a management EPOS system for a retailer with multiple locations. A cloud-based system, you can access its functions from any device or location, and the customisation available means you can cater the EPOS to any need you have.

Nobly is a system that can integrate your sales, marketing, e-commerce and inventory operations into one. It will also allow users to access information from anywhere.

Intelligent Pos is an all-in-one iPad EPOS solution that helps you maintain control of your business. It offers applications for inventory, customers and orders, allowing a seamless management of the retail business.

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