using a calling card to make international calls

Benefits of Using International Calling Cards

International calling cards are gaining popularity, as people can use them to easily process domestic and long-distance calls from one country to another. Phone cards have become a great alternative in the world of global telecommunications, and also now offer cheap and exclusive features, making them ever more popular.


An international calling card allows you to make low-cost international calls to destinations all over the world, and you can use a landline phone and any mobile. You can get calling cards from most major mobile networks, top them up in the store, online or over the phone.

There are many benefits to using calling cards:

Cost effective

For customers, the cheap international calling provides per-minute calling and money is paid after the call is disconnected. Calling cards charge as per your usage of it, with no hidden payments of big surprise bills at the end of the month. In the competitive world, the charges for long-distance calls is reasonable, and it is easy to get connected to someone in a distance country.

24/7 connectivity

Calling cards provide great flexibility to make calls from anywhere at any time. You can dial to various types of phones – landlines, mobile or even pay phones – meaning it is highly beneficial to business owners who have to remain in touch with their business partners, clients and customers living in different countries. Such flexible and easy to connect calling cards are also useful for people who frequently travel.

Conference calling

One of the most essential options the international calling card provides is conference calls. This feature is advantageous for businessmen and women who can easily stay connected to many people at a time with a single call.

Top up at any time

A huge advantage of international calling cards is the ability to top up at any time, using an easy to use mobile top up system. You can easily top-up a calling card from anywhere in the world, so you are always in contact with others.

Use with phone

You can use calling cards with a home landline phone, mobile phone or an office phone, without having to discontinue any existing long-distance service. And in most cases, using a calling card will offer better per minute rates.

Ideal for travel and holidays

Though many benefits of international calling cards veer towards the business side of using them, it is also good to point out that calling cards are great to take on holiday with you, or on long-term travels. Having a prepaid card with you can save lots on long distance calls.

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