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Advantages of Mobile Point of Sale Technology

When it comes to point of sale technology, there are several options to choose from that will help your small business, and incorporating mobile EPOS is just one of the many EPOS solutions you can take. However, if you are unsure about embarking on having mobile payments in your business, we have put together the advantages that are sure to persuade you.

  • Accepting payments is easier with mobile payments, as they can accept all card payments, and if it is a newer model, contactless card payments or mobile payments.
  • Your business can move to the next level with mobile POS. The device is small and wireless, meaning you can accept payments away from your physical shop.
  • Mobile POS systems come with inventory capabilities, just like a standard EPOS system, meaning you can keep track of your stock. This should allow you to never run out of your best-selling products.
  • A mobile POS system means your staff aren’t crowding around just one or two tills. Staff efficiency will increase with mobile POS, as it lets them roam around the store, taking payments from customers anywhere in the physical store.
  • Customers will have a positive buying experience when using a mobile payment system, as it minimises waiting times. Customers are happier and feel like they received better customer service when they are not required to wait around to order or pay for items.
  • Payments and fees associated with transactions are made simpler for mobile POS systems. Many merchant providers offer great deals and reasonable prices.
  • Security of customer data is important, and modern mobile payment systems are equipped to be extra secure, often using encryption or other security measures. Mobile systems are often on the cutting edge of security, so bug fixes are easier too.
  • The checkout process for your business could make or break you. Customers who can make payments quickly leave with a positive feeling towards your business. Having a mobile POS that has speedy, efficient transactions will mean customers feel more in control, leave happier and are more likely to return.
  • Sales staff with quick access to mobile POS technology can answer queries about products, suggest alternatives and check for product availability.
  • Mobile point of sale systems can keep a running track of inventory, alerting you when you need to re-stock. This leads to more sales and happier customers and staff.
  • With all that mobile POS systems can do, you may feel they are too expensive, especially for a small business. However, one of the most appealing features of mobile systems is that they are affordable, often accompanied by good deals, have lower fees and no long-term contracts.
  • There is always a chance of human error when staff check accounts at the end of a long working day. With a mobile POS solution, the potential for mistakes is reduced.
  • Mobile payment systems are also a space saver, especially for physically small businesses. Leaving behind stationary terminals frees up space, allowing you and your staff free to roam and make sales on the fly!

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